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We are a new kind of entertainment company. We are at the nexus of the entertainment industry, offering world-class services designed to bring the very best in art, sports, and entertainment to the world. We represent world-class entertainers, artists, comedians, social media influencers, musicians, film/movie professionals, television professionals, writers, professional athletes, and entertainment industry talent.

Like our clients, we are the very best of the best. Our professionals understand not only the legal aspects of the industry but also the practical industry standards that are critical to maximizing our clients’ success. Ideally, artists, athletes, and entertainment professionals should spend their time perfecting their craft rather than dealing with the important, yet often mundane, aspects of maximizing the financial return on their talent.

We represent clients from around the world and specialize in bringing world-class talent together to create a synergy that benefits all parties involved. It’s no secret that success in one area can create ripple effects that stretch into numerous other opportunities. For example, a successful athlete likely has opportunities in television, promotion, movies, music, and various types of entertainment that are readily available to those who know how to take advantage of them.

We offer our technology and contacts around the globe to set us apart and share innovative, cutting-edge opportunities to our clients, and connect them with other successful professionals to create unique and lucrative relationships that benefit all parties involved. We also believe in social consciousness, supporting altruistic organizations such as Fine Artists, BBF, the Light Foundation, the Cannabis Series, the Shriners, the Lupus Foundation, and many others. In short, we are a philanthropic “one-stop creative shop” for worldwide entertainment professionals.

Contact Boston Art Sports & Entertainment for An Experience Unlike Any Other!

If you believe it, we can make it happen. Our organization is made up of the very best professionals. Let us represent you and we’ll turn your “15 minutes of fame” into a lifetime of income-generating opportunities and help you secure your legacy for generations to follow!